Saturday, October 05, 2013

A summary

I had been reading Schuon again, which is a disturbing read for most anyone, at least most anyone who can even begin to understand it. It is a good thing he is as hard to read as he is, but even so I don't really recommend him, except to off-road spiritual adventurers who have been scared to the point of literal shaking in fear repeatedly over the years.

"Don't be too hard on yourself" said the voice in my heart, although the tone of voice was less 'relax and chill' and more 'I know how far from perfect you are'. It continued: "Every second you remember God is eternity ... Every second you remember God is valuable."

Actually I think that is a pretty good take-away.

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mushroom said...

Off-road -- that's about right. Being an old dirt-biker, it is an apt way to understand my last several years of riding away from the well-paved surfaces of denominational Christianity. Not that there is anything wrong with a smooth, comfortable ride. The jolts and jars keep me awake.